Dress Code

The Ballet Studio

​9527 Folsom Blvd., Suite E, Sacramento  CA 95827 (Butterfield Plaza)

916-369-8033, balletstudiosac@gmail.com

Apparel should be clean, well fitting and in good repair. We strongly recommend smooth, tight fitting and solid colored garments. In order to assist you, your instructor needs to be able to see your muscles clearly. 

Ballet and Jazz Classes

 For Girls 5-12 years old
     Ballet shoes with elastic.
     Solid colored leotard without adornment or skirt. *
     Sweaters or t-shirts only if tucked tightly inside leotard.
     Hair tightly secured.**

 For Women/Teens
     Tights or other form-fitting leggings
     Solid colored leotard or form-fitting top
     Ballet slippers (or jazz oxfords for jazz class)

     Warm-up apparel, restricted to close fitting, solid colored garments
     Brassiere strongly recommended
     Hair tightly secured**
**Hair tightly secured: Hair should be pulled back, away from the face, and tightly secured so the student can learn the proper technique for turns (pirouettes, chaînés, piqué turns, etc.).

 For Boys 5-12 years old
     Black tights or form fitting athletic wear and white socks.
     Dance belt (optional).
     Black or white ballet shoes (no black soles).
     White t-shirt, tucked in.                                                

 For Men/Teens
     Tights, jazz pants or sweat pants tucked neatly into socks.
     Compression shorts or similar support.
     Solid colored top tucked in neatly.
     Ballet shoes for ballet class.
     Hair longer than chin length tightly secured. 

Stretch & Floor Exercise Classes – Men, Women, Teens

     Tights, yoga or jazz pants/sweat pants tucked neatly into socks.
     Leotard or solid colored top.
     Socks or ballet shoes. No bare feet.
     No skirts.

Creative Movement Classes – Boys and Girls

Bottoms: Clean, comfortable tights or pants loose enough to allow free movement of the legs. No tight jeans. Sweat pants and leggings are fine. Skirts allowed.

Tops: Leotards, long or short sleeved t-shirts. Sweatshirts are fine with another shirt underneath in case the student gets too hot.

Shoes: Ballet slippers, gymnastic shoes, jazz shoes without black soles. No shoes that leave marks on the dance floor allowed. No bare feet in shoes.

Hair:  Pulled back away from the face

Not allowed in ANY class:

Shoes that leave marks on the floor. 

Except for modern dance class, feet must be covered with tights or socks; no bare feet in shoes.

Questions?  Just ask an instructor.