Studio Policies

The studio policies and dress code are to help establish an environment in which the highest possible quality of teaching and learning can be achieved. Policies are to be strictly followed by all.

1.      Classes are offered on a continuing basis with registration at all times. 

2.      Teens are welcome in adult classes.

3.      Classes will be observed only with prior arrangement and approval by the instructor.

4.      All students are required to abide by the dress code. Students not properly prepared may observe class, and are welcome to make it up within the month.

5.      Students are requested to arrive 10 – 20 minutes prior to class to perform their own stretching and warm ups.

6.      Students arriving 10 minutes late, or after plies, will be asked to observe class. Students may leave class at any time with permission of the instructor.

7.      Students should be picked up promptly at the end of class. All Students 17 and younger must  wait inside the studio until their ride arrives.

8.      Prolonged credit is not given for classes missed unless there is an extended illness or very unusual circumstance with notification given as soon as possible.

9.      No pictures may be taken while class is in session.

10.    No food, drinks or cell phones allowed on the teaching floor.

11.     No smoking in the studio.

12.     No street shoes allowed on the teaching floor at any time.

13.    Bounced checks will be charged a $35.00 fee. Any future payments must be made in cash in exact amounts.

14.    Tuition due dates are the end of the first week of classes each month. Tuition is due prior to the student’s participation in the first class of the session. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed for payments made after the first week of the session. Students are strongly encouraged to avoid late payment, and may pay early or mail in tuition in order to avoid late fees.


Why is Ballet class etiquette important?
There are basic etiquette elements present in all Ballet classes that are done a specific way. Although perhaps not readily apparent to the student, there are valid reasons for all of them. Observing these bits of tradition and etiquette will help you to feel more at ease in your class and provide an atmosphere that encourages deeper learning while keeping you and your classmates safe. 

General Ballet class etiquette tips:
Be on time. Ballet class starts at the barre and if you are late, not only will you have missed vital exercises, but you'll have to place yourself into a space on the barre causing those in front and behind you to have to shift their positions. Ballet barre exercises are done in a specific order to appropriately warm up and prepare the body for the rest of the class. Students arriving 10 minutes after the beginning of class or after pliés may be asked by the instructor to observe class. This is at the discretion of the instructor.

A good Ballet class has a quiet and courteous atmosphere. Talking to fellow dancers should be kept to a minimum.  We encourage camaraderie in class but not at the expense of the quality of the instruction. Though coming from a place of helpfulness, please refrain from offering corrections to fellow classmates during class. Most instructors prefer to have students working on a maximum of three personal goals. Too many corrections (from too many people) can become overwhelming. 

Body language is extremely important in ballet class. It is important that each student incorporates ballet posture as soon as they enter the studio. Posture and alignment should be maintained even in between exercises.  Hanging on the barre, sitting down, and standing with arms crossed are all considered inappropriate body postures.

Be aware of your body. Your teachers will always push you to your limits – that is their job.  You need to learn how to listen to your body and be sure you do not work so hard that you cause yourself real pain. Discomfort is good – it means you are pushing your limits. Pain means you have gone too far. It is important that you figure out for yourself where the line is between the two.

Alert your instructor about any injuries or health issues prior to the beginning of class.

Feel free to ask questions if a position, movement or pattern does not make sense.  If you have a question, please wait for the teacher to finish giving the exercise.  Your question often will be answered while the teacher is demonstrating.

At The Ballet Studio, a short “water break” is allowed by instructors after barre.  Water bottles are not allowed on the dance floor.  Walking away from the barre to get a drink from your water bottle (or any other reason) is disruptive to the class.  If you have a medical disorder that requires you to take in water frequently, notify your instructor and they will place you at the end of the barre so that your water bottle is within your reach.

Please put your cell phone on “silent” before class. If you have a need to check your cell phone during class (students who are professionals and are on-call for work, expecting an important call, etc.), should notify their instructor before class starts. This goes for Smartwatches as well. Please limit watch use to monitoring your fitness tracking (not reading notifications).

No gum or food on the dance floor.

Ballet barre etiquette:
At the barre, make sure you have enough room so that you can do a grande battement in each position without touching the person on either side of you.

When you change directions at the barre, please turn towards the barre.

Be ready to start. Ballet is a performance art. Preparation movements prior to the beginning of each exercise are considered part of the exercise. Please be prepared to start the exercise prior to the music starting. 

Etiquette for dancing in the center:

When you move into the central space of the studio, make sure you have enough room around you. Generally, students should be staggered in lines so that there is a “window” for each dancer. If the instructor does not specifically place you, the dancers in the front line determine the spacing. 

If you take turns to do steps, pay attention when the other class members are doing their steps.  When your group is finished and it is time to change groups, please do so quickly as a sign of respect to the group that is preparing to dance.

When a combination starts upstage and moves downstage, please exit the space by continuing to the mirror and then splitting off to the right or left. This ensures the following groups will not have to modify their dancing to accommodate the previous group.

Dancing across the floor: 
Be it in columns running parallel to the mirror or dancing on the diagonal, it is important to maintain spatial awareness. 

If you are in the back of the group, do not dance beyond the dancers in front of you. Next time lead the group to ensure you have room to dance full out.

Be prepared to feed-in to dance across the floor. Running to the end of the line when you are next is unacceptable.

Dance completely to the corner and then exit.

Exit downstage to make room for subsequent groups.

Be listening for the teacher to cue you in.

Clothing and personal hygiene:
Please dress appropriately for your class. Clothes should be in good repair. If you have questions about what is appropriate attire, ask your instructor.

Your hair must be neatly pulled back and adequately secured. 

On a slightly sensitive note, please be sure that dancers who need it, wear deodorant and carry some in their dance bag to renew when needed.

No street footwear on the main dance floor.

The Ballet Studio

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