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October News 

Sunday Jazz class has been Cancelled as of 10/22/17.   This class will restart when sign-ups allow. * 

The Friday Mommy and Me class at 10:00 a.m has been cancelled effective October 27.  We will start a new Mommy and Me  class on Thursdays at 10:00 am as soon as sign-ups allow.  A minimum of 6 students must be signed up for the class to start.* 

 Our next session of "Ballet from the Beginning" for teens and adults will start January, 2018.  If you have had ballet in the past, please contact us, and based on your experience level, you may be able to join the current session. * 

This class is designed for teens and adults who have never had ballet. No previous dance experience is necessary.  We accept new students for the first three weeks of the session.  If you have had ballet in the past and want to gently reintroduce your body to the movement, you are welcome to join the class, with the permission of the instructor, until you feel ready for our regular Ballet I,II class. 

* Sign up now by calling the studio (916-369-8033), through Facebook, or through our "Contact" page on this website.

The Ballet Studio and some of our dancers were recently featured in the music video for Mina Alali's new song, "With You Only You:" ​