The Ballet Studio

‚Äč9527 Folsom Blvd., Suite E, Sacramento  CA 95827 (Butterfield Plaza)


Mission Statement

The Ballet Studio provides a safe dance space, where the grace, elegance and technique of classical ballet are offered in a friendly studio environment to students of all ages.

 Core Values

The Ballet Studio Values

Integrity in the greater dance community by having:

  • Serious ballet instruction by qualified teachers for each student
  • Safe studio environment with well maintained floors
  • Consistency in professional teaching staff
  • Understanding that the adult dancer is not seeking a career, rather an environment where they may dance to the best of their ability-safely.

Strong Sense of Community

  • Welcoming all students with a desire to learn
  • An atmosphere that allows for fun and enjoyment
  • An opportunity to celebrate together
  • Upholding ballet tradition
  • Dancing to music that inspires and enriches
  • Observing classroom etiquette
  • Fostering a healthy anatomical approach to good ballet technique
  • Educating students about movement and fostering awareness of other aspects of dance